Continuous emergency lighting in handrails helps to solve common problems with effectively and attractively providing compliant emergency lighting to stairs and ramps. After two years of development we have created what we believe to be a world first – a 2293 compliant continuous emergency lighting system for handrails.

The system consists of a purpose-made LED strip that contains two circuits – one 15W 1080lm p/m circuit for normal operation and a 2.5W 180lm p/m circuit for emergency mode. We’ve also created a purpose-built remote emergency pack which will run up to 5m of the emergency LED strip for 2 hours. The battery pack utilizes the latest in battery technology with a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and complies to all NZ/AU emergency standards.

The emergency system is suitable for Richie Rail 17, Richie Rail 20 and Richie Rail 26 only. The relevant photometric files and reports etc are available on each of the Richie Rail product pages.