About Offspring Profiles

Offspring Profiles Ltd is a New Zealand company that designs and manufactures architectural, linear LED lighting systems.

Our Wellington-based store and workshop is used as a central distribution centre to consolidate, despatch, and in some cases assemble, Offspring Profiles product and componentry.

Our range of profiles are then sold as complete lighting systems throughout New Zealand and Australia by our area representatives. Significantly, this means the Offspring Profiles are fully supported regionally by our local partners. Please see the ‘Contact’ section to find a local distributor near you.

Our design team has concentrated particular attention to offering lighting systems for seamless installation into building elements, resulting in fully integrated lighting solutions. These products are professionally supported by our detailed range of accessories and installation instructions.

At Offspring Profiles, we are committed to focussing on new research and technology, resulting in regular releases of architecturally sensitive, environmentally conscious, NZ made products. One of our fundamental aims is to source as many NZ made components as possible, and to support the local community and workforce with our assembly and distribution hub in Wellington.

Continuously developing the design and technical attributes of our product range is an integral part of the Offspring Profiles core objectives, which ensure we are at the forefront of extruded LED technology.

Management Team

Offspring Profiles was conceived in 2011 from the desire to fill a gap in the architectural lighting market. Dennis & Lynette Rowe and Robin Campbell began working to strategically develop a range of core products, focused on architectural lighting systems that use linear LED strip lighting as the source of light. Particular emphasis was given to design products for integration into building elements and manufacturing as much as possible in New Zealand.

Robin and Dennis continue to work daily on expanding the Offspring product range, researching new technologies and strengthening market pathways.

Robin Campbell

Managing Director

Robin’s key role is as Managing Director of Offspring Profiles.

Robin has an Industrial Design degree and has been working in architectural lighting since 2006. His years spent developing extruded lighting systems, as well as offering lighting design consultancy, means his market & manufacturing experience is imperative to shaping the Offspring Profile range.


Dennis Rowe


Dennis Rowe is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and successful architectural lighting designers. He has specialised in profile lighting systems his entire career and has a wealth of industry knowledge that leads Offspring Profiles to create and market a truly innovative and professional range of products.


In addition to Robin and Dennis, our assembly and distribution team in Wellington have vast experience with customising the intricate lighting systems that Offspring Profiles offer to the Australasian market.